Saturday, September 18, 2010

50 lbs, an NSV, and a POLL

Today I looked on my happy scale and it said 50 lbs DOWN!!! I know it's not a weigh-in day, but I'm keeping it. Now my next big goal is ONDERLAND. I'm a lovely 215lbs as of this morning.

So to celebrate, I nabbed my neighbor and we went looking for an outfit for me. I knew this was just the girl I needed, cause she saw me in my gym clothes the other day and informed me that I looked hot. I was like, "Thanks!" Then she follows it with, "So you need to get some new clothes cause all your other shirts make you look pregnant." (You have to know her...) This chick wouldn't pull any punches and would steer me in the right direction. So off to the mall we went.

We didn't find any tops, but I got a pair of SIZE 16!!! Diva style jeans at Old Navy. Now hush! I know they have vanity sizing, but it does my head good to be firmly away from dress sizes that start with 2 before husband gets home for his two week vacay from Afghanistan. Going from a 28/30 to a 16/18 is pretty impressive. Even if I see myself every day and don't see it myself, he will see the difference. Remember, he's gotten nothing but head shots of me since he left in February.

I went to Dillards and bought a RED TRENCH COAT in a size XL. It's a Jessica Simpson and the color is called lipstick. It is hot and makes me look even hotter. I can't wait for it to get cool outside so I can rock it.

This mall is in a smallish town so there wasn't a ton of variety. Next week we're going to trek down to closest big city and do some more shopping.

I'm happy with where I am right now health and band wise. I am not hungry unless I'm really hungry from missing a meal. I have enough restriction without getting stuck or PBing on anything. In fact, I think I'm probably one of the rare few who has never had a stuck or PB episode. I'm not bragging, I'm honestly amazed.

Now for the poll:

Without ever having seen me, what color should I dye my hair?
Red or Blonde
Who has more fun?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Measurements at 4 Months

Current - Starting = Change

Neck 15.5in - 16.5in = -1.0 inches
Chest 49.0in - 55.0in = -7.0 inches
Bicept 15.0in - 17.0in = -2.0 inches
Waist 45.0in - 51.0in = -6.0 inches
Hips 52in - 56.0in = -4.0 inches
Thigh 28.0in - 30.0in = -2.0 inches

That's a total of 22 inches (or 26 inches if you count both legs and arms)!!!