Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week 8 (1st No-Loss) and First Fill

Monday was weigh-in day. I skipped the posting bit because I was a little disappointed. No loss, but there wasn't a gain either so I wasn't too hard on myself.
Holding steady at

Pre-pre op diet: 265
Starting weight: 261
Today's Weight: 233
Total loss = 32# or
28# in the 56 days since banding

I took Bella in to be serviced today. I opted to skip the numbing bit. The needle wasn't very painful and he got it on the first try. I big puffy heart my doc.
First he pulled out all the fluid and informed me I had 3cc in my 10cc band. Then he put it all back in with an additional 1cc. I now have a total of 4cc in Bella.

It is a little disconcerting to sit up with the needle sticking out of the front of you, but I decided I had no interest in looking down this time. Had I thought about it, I'd have had the nurse take a picture for curiosity's sake. The only startling feeling was when he pulled out the needle. It felt like it wanted to hang out in there or something. I got a little dizzy when they lowered the table, but I think it was just nerves. I was fine once the table stopped.
I sipped my water and it went down fine. There is a different feeling though. I'm not sure how to describe it. I feel full, but I'm hungry. Does that make sense? I have that full at the top feeling like when you eat a good sized meal but haven't over done it, but I also have that burn-y growling feeling at the bottom of my stomach. I had some weird nerve twitches at first while I was waiting the 20 minutes before heading home. They were in the vicinity of my lady-parts but it wasn't a pleasant feeling. It could also have something to do with that witch that decided to drop off the monthly curse today.
The burping is back though. I could have lived without that part.

Doc says two days of liquids, two days of mush, and then on to soft foods. I'm sipping on a glass of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It's my new favorite for mixing protein powder into.

My next fill appointment is August 3rd, but in the morning this time. I almost didn't get my fill because I'd been sipping on water and they have a 6 hour nothing by mouth requirement at my clinic. I just forgot. oops.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 7 Weigh-In

Pre-pre op diet: 265
Starting weight: 261
Today's Weight: 233
Total loss = 32# or
28# in the 49 days since banding.

I was going to whine for a moment about only losing 2lbs this week. Then I realized, I lost two freaking pounds this week!
Granted, it wasn't the three pound loss that I had been maintaining for the last few weigh-ins, nor was it the five pounds I was secretly hoping for. It also wasn't a no-change week or a gain. So really, I have nothing to complain about.
I probably could have kept up the three, but that damn delivery man kept showing up at my door with pizza and Chinese, and Mexican food. Who was I to make him go away?
Not to worry! I went grocery shopping today and now the kitchen is filled with appropriate foods. I even got a new protein bar to try for breakfast tomorrow.

On the band front:
  • Nine days left until my first fill.
  • 3lbs away from my 2nd goal "Rare"
  • I am 2-3 clothing sizes smaller than I started out
On the me front:
  • I am BUSY!
  • I am probably the only person left in the USA who doesn't get email on her cell phone.
  • I am 52% of the way to seeing Husband for two weeks on his break from Afghanistan.

As an aside, I am really glad that you ::coughtrampscough:: ladies in blog land have finally let all the sex talk rest. I was starting to go bananas. GAH! What is it with me and the phallic symbolism? You'd think I've been away from Husband for FOUR MONTHS or something...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Today I chose not to eat any of the leftover chocolate easter candy from the dish at my son's Autism therapy appointment. No chips and salsa either.

Today I have eaten 525 calories and 86 grams of protein. I'm hungry so I'll be adding to that shortly. Chicken tenderloin is my hero today.

Today my kids have been working on my last nerve and I chose not to gorge myself on whatever was available to stifle my irritation and anger.

Today my finances are all neatly budgeted.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my nutritionist. I've never been to that part of the hospital so I'm dealing with anxiety today. I KNOW it will be fine, but I hate going to new places. I hope that someday I won't have to force myself to do things and will just be able to go and do.

Tomorrow all three children have optometry appointments. Big kid is getting contacts and glasses for the first time. I don't know about the littles yet. My budget is going to be toast.

The day after tomorrow the big kid and the littlest kid have to go back to the dentist for their repairs. My wallet will have only receipts and dust after this I'm sure.

Someone is stealing the broccoli from my garden. It's not an animal, it's got to be a person. None of my kids will fess up. The weird thing is that it wasn't even ready yet. All they're getting is a tiny bit. It has happened three times in the last two weeks. With the way they broke off the pieces they took, I don't know if I'll get any side sprouts or if the plucked plants are done for the year. Grrrrr.

I really miss Husband today. Most days I'm OK with him being away, but today was one of the sulky miss him so much days. At least I'll be too busy to notice tomorrow.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 6 Weigh-In

Pre-pre op diet: 265
Starting weight: 261
Today's Weight: 235
Total loss = 30# or
26# in the 43 days since banding.

I still have two weeks before my first fill. I wish it was sooner, but the fat girl inside me wants to put it off because I can still eat anything without trouble. Chubbella says she likes having the to option to eat brownies and steak. Me, I'm tired of having to tell her to shut up and would like for Bella to choke her out for a while. You know, let the band handle my light work.

I wish they'd let me move my 1st fill appointment up sooner. I'm dreading the first week without a loss.

I'm five pounds away from my second goal. I wonder what I'd have to do to make that happen in a week?

Friday, June 11, 2010

BYOC - by Drazil

1. What was your first pet?

• We had a poodle when I was little. Her name was Musette. However the first pet that was just for me was a Betta fish named Michael J. Fish when I was in second grade. Now you also know my first crush!

2. When did you lose your virginity? (Okay – before you throw stones and break out the holy water – first of all – this is not my question. It came from a follower and I obliged cuz I like it…so there.) Obviously don’t answer if this is too personal…..but don’t hate me for putting it out there.

• I was 15. He never called again. I ran into him as an adult and he didn't even remember who I was.

3 & 4 – I’m combining these two cuz this answer could be long. A follower (thanks Steph) asked if I could ask what a daily meal plan looks like for each of you – out of curiosity and out of possibly learning new foods to try.

• I try to remember to eat breakfast, but it has always been an issue for me. When I'm following my plan my day looks like this:

Tennessee Pride Fully cooked Turkey sausage x2
Oscar Mayer Canadian Bacon x5 slices

Sometimes a McDonalds cheeseburger
Usually Chicken Salad or
2 Turkey burger patties or
2 Vegan Boca Burgers

Chicken Tenderloin or
Grilled Talapia or
1/3 lb hamburger steak or
2 bratwurst or
2 fillet steaks
with 1/3 cup of Coleslaw or sauerkraut

If I have a snack, it is whatever I want. Most of the time it's beef jerky, but if I want cake or something, I get one serving of it and try to only eat half of that.

*I currently have no restriction, so the foods I eat now may or may not work after my first fill at the end of June.

5. Repeat question: What blog or blog comment stayed with you or stuck with you the most this week and why?

• Drazil's blog: Wanna play Hide and Seek? I'm just so happy that there are other people who remember to put their kids first by making good choices for themselves. I big puffy heart Drazil!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Week 5 Weigh-In

Pre-pre op diet: 265
Starting weight: 261
Today's Weight: 238
Total loss = 27# or
23# in the 36 days since banding

All in all, not too shabby if I say so myself. I am glad I'm sticking to only weighing on Monday's because I'm not sure I'd want to see the scale tomorrow.

I haven't had enough water today. While I have kept just inside my personal goal of 1000 calories, I didn't make my protein today and it's because I ate some of my birthday cake instead of a proper meal.

I need to make a comprehensive shopping list and get that over with. I have so much going on lately that little things keep slipping through the cracks. I really need to focus and get it together because I'm only wasting energy and effort by being disorganized. I also need to make a "you do" list. It's kinda like a "honey do" list, but I have to do it since Honey is deployed.

Why is it we can't have two spouses at once...? (Maybe on opposing deployment schedules.)
I'll be happy with a replicating device that can make me an extra copy of the one I've already got. Or better yet, this whole deployment thing can go the way of the Dodo and I can keep my man at home.

BTW: If you're following me, but I'm not following you it's because I couldn't find a link to you. If you'd like me to follow you, comment or email me a link and I'll get on it.

Friday, June 4, 2010


1. If you could live anywhere in the world - where would it be and why?

I want to split my time between somewhere cooler up north in the summer and somewhere with a warm winter in the south. Or back in Europe. I'm not too picky, but I preferred Germany to Belgium. Always wanted to go to Ireland though, and England, and Austraila... Heck! I don't know. Ask me an easy question!

2. How old were you when you got drunk for the 1st time?

16. I got all that out of my system very early on. I don't drink now. Maybe 1 beer 2 times a year with a burger or a glass of champagne on New Years. I did have a love for "boozy milkshakes" Chocolate with Kahlua and Vanilla with Irish Cream, but alas the milkshakes are not my friend anymore.

3. What was your favorite toy growing up?

I don't remember any toys other than a sit-n-spin when I was 3 and my Gem and the Holograms doll when I was 7. So, I guess those were my favorite. My family was 5 kids - welfare and food stamp poor so there wasn't an abundance of stuff filling the toy boxes.

4. What's your favorite season and why?

I love the Fall. I am a sweater girl and can't stand the heat of summer. I love the idea of the harvest and canning food and family togetherness. The pretty trees and rich burning smells from fireplaces are a bonus!

5. Repeat question....which blog or comment spoke to you or stuck with you the most this week?

I always intend to bookmark them for this question, but I keep forgetting. I'm lousy with names so I have to keep re-reading the posts of my followers. I don't know how you really popular people keep it straight.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

1 Month Bandiversary & Progression Pics

Today is my one month bandiversary. Bella the band is 1 month old!

I won't keep you waiting. I know exactly what you opened this blog to see...

See my saggy-pants granny butt?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

NSV and Monday's Weigh-In

While Mondays are my weekly weigh-in days, they are also the WORST day for me to try and post anything. So I'm a little late...

Pre-pre op diet: 265
Starting weight: 261
Today's Weight: 241
Total loss = 24# or
20# in 29 days since banding

I'm not going to complain about losing an average of almost 2/3 of a pound per day.

On to my very first NSV!
I was scavenging in the storage totes full of clothes I can wear and I came across my favorite old pair of jeans. I haven't worn them since before we moved from Germany 2 years ago. They are a cheap pair from Walmart - Faded Glory stretch flair in a size....


Now, I know it's only the stretch part that allowed me to get them on my bootie, but with a tunic shirt, I'm rocking those jeans. Oh how I've missed them so.
I also found another pair of jeans, but they are an ugly winter weight pair of mom cut Chic jeans in a 24. They are a touch too snug on the waist. I'm not going to let that spoil my little happy moment.

All the rest of my current jeans make me look like I have saggy ass syndrome. I look like I have great-grandma's lack of ass in them. My legs are lost, but darn it, my waist is still to big to accommodate what fits my butt and legs. Too bad I'm not a skirt kind of girl. No room in the budget for new clothes until August. Well, no room for anything other than undies and new bras until August.

Which brings me to NSV#2:
My used to fit just right granny-panties had to be officially retired to the trashcan today.

In other news, I really should eat something else, but I think I'll just grab a Crystal Light Protein water instead.
I'm only at 695 calories and 78 grams of protein though. I don't know, I may trekk down to the kitchen and grab some jerky or the last jar of Gerber chicken sticks. Decisions...