Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 6 Weigh-In

Pre-pre op diet: 265
Starting weight: 261
Today's Weight: 235
Total loss = 30# or
26# in the 43 days since banding.

I still have two weeks before my first fill. I wish it was sooner, but the fat girl inside me wants to put it off because I can still eat anything without trouble. Chubbella says she likes having the to option to eat brownies and steak. Me, I'm tired of having to tell her to shut up and would like for Bella to choke her out for a while. You know, let the band handle my light work.

I wish they'd let me move my 1st fill appointment up sooner. I'm dreading the first week without a loss.

I'm five pounds away from my second goal. I wonder what I'd have to do to make that happen in a week?


  1. 30 pound loss!!! You're doing an awesome job - keep up the great work :).

  2. I know the feeling! Just hang in there and try to continue making the best food choices as possible. I am sure that at times Chubbella's voice is a louder than Bella's - she will find her voice soon!

    I totally still have this issue - I know there is a fill coming up so the day before I will want to eat and eat and eat.

    Oh and BTW, I totally suck and have not made it to the PO today. I am so sorry! <3

  3. You are like a band rockstar!! I know how you feel about the fills. Its hard to shut her up!