Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Week 5 Weigh-In

Pre-pre op diet: 265
Starting weight: 261
Today's Weight: 238
Total loss = 27# or
23# in the 36 days since banding

All in all, not too shabby if I say so myself. I am glad I'm sticking to only weighing on Monday's because I'm not sure I'd want to see the scale tomorrow.

I haven't had enough water today. While I have kept just inside my personal goal of 1000 calories, I didn't make my protein today and it's because I ate some of my birthday cake instead of a proper meal.

I need to make a comprehensive shopping list and get that over with. I have so much going on lately that little things keep slipping through the cracks. I really need to focus and get it together because I'm only wasting energy and effort by being disorganized. I also need to make a "you do" list. It's kinda like a "honey do" list, but I have to do it since Honey is deployed.

Why is it we can't have two spouses at once...? (Maybe on opposing deployment schedules.)
I'll be happy with a replicating device that can make me an extra copy of the one I've already got. Or better yet, this whole deployment thing can go the way of the Dodo and I can keep my man at home.

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  1. You weight loss is kick ass! Good for you. I appreciate the sacrifice you and your husband are making to keep us free.

  2. You keep it up and your man will not be able to find you when he gets home...you are shrinking girl! Congrats on the great weight loss!

  3. Not to shabby indeed. You have done some awesome work. Keep it up.

    I concur with Miss Vickie, thank you for what you and your family do to keep us in this great country free. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed

  4. Oh and if you would please please please follow me @ http://lessthanfat.blogspot.com/

    Thanks so much

  5. Thats an awesome weight loss!

  6. Way to go!