Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I was a little disappointed to see the scale only move 1 pound this week. It's kinda hard to swallow after dropping 16 pounds in two weeks. Instead of dwelling on it I decided to get the good old tape measure out to check. I don't measure every week like I weigh, so I figured it would give me a little pick me up to see smaller numbers somewhere. I'm pretty excited with the results!

Current - Starting = Change

Neck 16.0in - 16.5in = -0.5in

Chest 52.0in - 55.0in = -3.0in

Bicept 16.0in - 17.0in = -1.0in

Waist 49.0in - 51.0in = -2.0in

Hips 55.5in - 56.0in = -0.5in

Thigh 29.0in - 30.0in = -1.0in

That's 8 inches total, well actually it's 10 if you count each arm and leg separately!

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