Monday, May 17, 2010

WTH Batman?

Through all my pre-op appointments and support group meetings I was told two weeks liquid diet followed by 2 weeks mushy/pureed foods and to come in for my 1st fill 4 to 6 weeks from surgery.

I went in for my 2 week check in with the bariatric nurse. I was all excited because I was supposed to wait to see her before starting mushies. Today she informs me that I'm supposed to be on mush for 4 weeks and I'm to not have my first fill until 6 weeks from TODAY.

How about all of you? Did you have 2 weeks of mushies or 4 weeks?

Anyone else told 8 weeks before the first fill?

Am I wrong to be irritated that I'm getting a different story AFTER I got the band?

Just to add insult to injury, today was my weigh in day. My scale at home said 245.0 for a total loss of 16lbs. The doctor's scale said 249.7 . That's a pretty damn big difference.


  1. every doctor is diffferent....mine required a week of each step, but there was someone else bnded around the same time i was that had to do a month of liquids. i did get my first fill around the 8 week mark...

  2. UGH - Hate that!
    Mine was liquids for 1 week, mushies for 2. My first fill was 6 weeks after surgery.

    Hang in there!

  3. My doctors office is always a few pounds more then mine at home. Remember that you're weighing with clothes on, which is usually about 3-4 pounds and you've most likely eaten something. I just stick with what my scale says at home because I can control the environment. I was on liquids for two week, mushies for two, and then had my fill at one month post op. Every surgeon is different. That does suck though!

  4. I was on clear liquids for 3 days post op, then full liquids for 2 weeks, then purees for another 4 weeks about. I go for my first fill tmw which is more than 6 weeks out.