Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Goal Met!

Mondays are my weigh-in day and I would have posted then, but I couldn't seem to shake the waah!s. Incidentally I'm feeling better today. Thank you to the ladies who commented. It did make it easier knowing it is a semi-normal thing.

On the right side of my blog under "On the Grill" you'll find my tickers and my goal list. Please note the awesomeness that is me having marked off my first goal!

I'm currently cooking my way to rareness!

Starting weight: 261 #
First Goal weight: 250 #
weigh in day weight: 248 #

Exceeded goal by: 2 #

I am by no means expecting to meet one of those goals every week. Honestly I'm shocked that I've already lost 13 pounds. My current timeline for each goal is simply a weigh-in day in the hopefully close future.
I figure it is a good system, because by not specifying a date I will never fail. I will always either be working on a goal, meeting a goal or exceeding a goal. That has to be good for the psyche, right?

I wonder how much I'll lose before I actually see a significant change resulting in a smaller clothing size?


  1. Congrats, girl!!! You are doing so well :-D

  2. I love your "theme"! So creative! And congrats on your first goal!! Are you going to do anything special for yourself?

  3. Woo Hooo! You are doing great!!!! I love your blog set up - so cute & here's to well done - we have the same goal weight :)

  4. For me 10lbs was always a size but we're all so different. You're doing so great!

  5. you are doing great! there will come a time where it will seem like EVERY DAY means a size change! even if the scale doesn't move, things will "shift" LOL pants that were a little too tight 2 days ago were baggy on me today, and i had no loss in those 2 days!