Monday, April 12, 2010

I've Got a Date With a Surgeon!

I got a call just as I was sitting down to dinner tonight. We try to eat before five o'clock here. I didn't recognize the number on the caller ID so I almost didn't answer it. It occurred to me it could be Husband calling from overseas so I took my chances and answered. I am so glad I did.
It was the Bariatric RN. She asked me if I was ready to schedule my surgery. I told her I was ready yesterday!

May 3rd

20 days until banding!

Between now and then I'll have another appointment with my surgeon and a pre-admissions appointment.

And here I was thinking that with my luck it would be the end of July...
Husband is usually the one with all the luck. We joke that he could stick his hand into a pile of poop and pull out diamonds and wet wipes! Here's hoping I've found some luck of my own and am not borrowing any of his. He needs it more than I do right now.


  1. Ahhhh!! Congratulations! It will be here before you know it.

  2. yay you!!!! congrats on the date! that's very exciting. keep us posted on the pre op stuff.

  3. Heck yes!! So, so, so happy for you Cheeseburger Girl! :) Soon you will be one of us!

  4. YIPPPEEEEE! SOoooo super happy for you!