Monday, August 9, 2010

It's Been Awhile - Weigh-in, a Goal, and a Fill

I'm back and apparently no worse for wear. The kids and I spent quite a while at the grandparent's house. It was good for me emotionally to have someone else around over the age of "I wanna duct tape your mouth shut 13". Band-wise with no restriction it was not so great. I didn't gain, but I stayed at 233lbs for at least 3 weeks.

That however is the past. Today is a weigh-in day!

Pre-pre op diet: 265
Starting weight: 261
Today's Weight: 224
Total loss = 41# or
37# in the 98 days since banding

I got my second fill on the 4th. My BN added 1cc so I am now at 5cc in a 10cc band. I felt great for the first three days after my fill. I had no trouble sticking to liquids and mush. I wasn't ever hungry. Now... I'm starving and have no restriction. I guess 5 isn't going to be my sweet spot. Oh, but those three days were nice! I can't wait to get to restriction.

I made my "Rare" goal on July 26th. I'm now only 14lbs away from being Medium-Rare!

The kiddos have started back at school. All three are full day now. I have nothing but time to do all the things I haven't been able to squeeze in for the last 13 years. Maybe I'll finally get caught up and start taking better care of myself.

Husband is still away. I've planned a three day family trip for his R&R leave in the fall. There is an indoor pool and a massage therapist involved. Hopefully it will help him relax enough to cope with having to go right back for another 3-4 months. His boss makes his life hell and seems to enjoy it. This is the first time in 11+ years I've wanted to act like "that wife" and go give his boss a piece of my mind and a black eye.

I owe y'all two and three month Bandiversary progress pics and I owe Colleen a giant thank you post full of sisterhood clothes pics. Unfortunately my camera has either been lost or stolen. I guess it's time to replace it anyway. I just wish I could have the data card from it... I guess those pics aren't coming. Sorry y'all. You'll just have to wait for the 4 month progress pics in September. I know that will make Draz feel better since it's a nice even number!

It's going to take me awhile to catch up on posts. If there is anything profound or of immediate importance that I need to see STAT please send me a link!

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  1. Welcome back and congrats on reaching Rare! You are doing great! Don't worry about this pics, I am so sorry that you can't find you camera! <3